St Martin's School Bournemouth

StMartinsSchoolBournemouthO1Our 2014 OFSTED inspection report may be downloaded here.

This is a summary of their findings:

  • Pupils achieve well in this caring school. They make consistently good, and often rapid, progress. This is as a result of well-planned teaching and a good range of subjects which emphasise strongly English and mathematics. By the end of Reception all children achieve or exceed the expected learning goals and are well prepared for Year 1. Pupils in all year groups reach standards which are in line with, or above, the national average. Pupils who are high achievers are consistently challenged and make good, and often outstanding, progress to well above national standards.The school’s curriculum encourages a positive desire for knowledge and a love of learning. It is well organised and ensures pupils of all ages and aptitudes are successfully challenged and supported.
  • In Year 6 the vast majority of pupils are highly successful in gaining entry to the schools of their choice. All pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their education.
  • The quality of teaching is never less than good, and on occasion it is outstanding. This enables pupils to make consistently good, and sometimes outstanding, progress. Teachers have high expectations of what pupils can achieve and plan accordingly. Teachers plan and work together towards providing an excellent range of imaginative activities and tasks to inspire pupils to make excellent gains in their knowledge.
  • The behaviour and safety of pupils are outstanding. Pupils are polite, courteous and considerate of each other. They take responsibility for their own behaviour and look after each other well.
  • Pupils report that they are happy in school and that there is no bullying.
  • From the start of Reception onwards, all pupils have plentiful opportunities to develop their spiritual and moral awareness, their ability to socialise and their cultural awareness of others, both at home and abroad. As a result, they make excellent progress in their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • The school provides for a wide range of subjects and provides plentiful opportunities for academic and sporting excellence. Good leadership and management of the curriculum contributes well to pupils’ academic achievement, their physical well-being and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
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