St Martin's Curriculum

Teachers at St Martin’s integrate creative, stimulating activities into daily lessons and carefully nurture the pupils themselves so they are equipped with the independence, confidence and innovative thinking needed later in life.

A broad educational programme is offered, which not only meets, but exceeds the demands of the National Curriculum and prepares children well for the responsibilities, challenges and experiences of secondary school.

Children entering Reception class learn to read quickly through tried and tested methods and this skill, together with a major focus on other aspects of literacy and numeracy, prepares our children well for their learning journey.

All pupils receive a thorough grounding in: English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, Computing, Religious Education, Music, and Art/Craft. Games, gymnastics and swimming lessons are enjoyed throughout the week.

French is introduced in Year 3 and Spanish in Year 6.

St Martin’s School Reception Overview and Skills

St Martin’s School Year 1 overview

St Martin’s Year 1 Skills

St Martin’s School Year 2 overview

St Martin’s Year 2 Skills

St Martin’s School Year 3 overview

St Martin’s Year 3 Skills

St Martin’s School Year 4 overview

St Martin’s Year 4 Skills

St Martin’s School Year 5 overview

St Martin’s Year 5 Skills

St Martin’s School Year 6 overview

St Martin’s Year 6 Skills

11+ Preparation

At St Martin’s School, we prepare children for moving on to a wide variety of secondary schools. Our curriculum is personally structured and, in the later years, there is a clear focus placed on the requirements of the Independent and State Grammar Schools entrance examinations at 11+. This runs coherently alongside a rich and varied curriculum. We work very closely with parents in order to ensure a smooth and successful transition to Year 7.

Verbal Reasoning Syllabus

Sport and well-being

We are keen that our children should participate in as many varied sporting activities as our timetable allows. They are encouraged to enjoy sport in a confident, competitive and sportsmanlike manner. All pupils participate in several weekly sporting activities, including football, rugby, hockey, cricket, basketball, rounders, netball, athletics and racquet sports.

From time to time we take part in a programme of inter-school football, tag rugby, netball and hockey matches on a friendly basis against other local schools.

On a weekly basis, all children walk to the local leisure centre (¼ mile away) for gymnastics classes and Years 2-6 have weekly swimming lessons – all taught by professional coaches.

Avonbourne Gym Club competently coach the children through their British Gymnastics Proficiency Award Scheme badges from Reception class.

Bournemouth Swim School provide swimming lessons for the children from Year 2.

Dance features highly in our Spring Term, where all children learn a class dance and perform together in a Dance and Talent Show. We also take part in music and movement lessons.

We enjoy competitive sport and hold an annual swimming gala and an athletics Sports Day, each held locally.


During weekly music lessons, pupils are introduced to a wide variety of music and are taught musical skills, which are developed as they progress throughout the school. These include: learning about orchestral instruments; music throughout the ages; musical styles; world music; listening skills; performance and composition.

The pupils are encouraged to develop their skills and demonstrate what they have learnt in class, by presenting their work to the rest of the school and in concerts, which helps to build confidence.  They are also taught to compose their own pieces of music and learn to play and to use a variety of instruments.

In addition to their curriculum music lesson, the pupils also have singing lessons every week. They learn to play the glockenspiel and ukulele in class, but there is also opportunity for children to take individual music lessons in piano, guitar, flute and violin.

At the end of each term the whole school takes part in a concert. These are special events in which the school community are invited to join in and celebrate.