The school has provided computers for use by pupils and teachers.  They offer access to a vast amount of information for use in studies, acting like an enormous extension to the school library and offering great potential to support the curriculum.  This policy applies to staff and pupils alike.

The computers are provided and maintained for the benefit of all staff and pupils, who are encouraged to use and enjoy these resources, and ensure they remain available to all.  Pupils are responsible for good behaviour on the Internet just as they are in a classroom or a corridor.  Remember that access is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in that privilege being withdrawn.


Security and privacy




This document is to be read carefully by all staff and pupils.  A copy will be issued to each staff member and pupil, and this must be signed and returned to the school.  If any pupil or staff member violates these provisions, access to the Internet will be denied and disciplinary action will be taken.  Where appropriate, the police may be involved, or other legal action taken.

For pupils, additional action may be taken by the school in line with existing policy regarding school behaviour.  For serious violations, suspension or expulsion may be imposed.

Acceptable use of Internet and email facilities for children and staff rationale

St Martin’s School has the opportunity to transform and enhance education and help children to fulfil their potential and raise standards with ICT. However, we also have a duty of care and must ensure that we are able to safeguard children and staff, so it is also important that children learn how to be safe when they are using new technologies.  Whilst blocking and banning is part of our policy, we believe a more sustainable approach is required. We will equip the children with the skills and knowledge they need to use the Internet safely and responsibly, managing the risks wherever and whenever they go online; to promote safe and responsible behaviours in using technology both at school and in the home and beyond.


The Byron Review (Safer Children in a Digital World 2008) classified the risks as relating to content, contact and conduct. The risk is often determined by behaviours rather than the technology itself.

Principles for acceptable use of the Internet 

Staff are only permitted to use the Internet for personal use (this includes email) outside of their normal working hours (use is permitted during staff break and lunchtimes). Online activities which are encouraged include:

Online and other activities which are not permitted include:

The school will:

Children will:

Staff will:

Useful Websites

Monitoring, evaluation and review 

Monitoring and evaluation are essential to any effective policy and provide essential feedback for the development of policy and procedures. For this reason, the school will periodically ask staff and children how this policy is performing and how it can be altered to help and protect all users.

To be reviewed on a regular basis.