Autumn Week 4 30.9.16

  • 12th December 2016

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your generous support today. I am so impressed with how pupils at this school want to help others and how they understand that through small acts of kindness they can make such a big difference. I know that we have raised £92 through sponsorship already for Macmillan and the huge amount of cakes donated will help to raise even more.

This week on Wednesday we had an inspirational visit from Barney at House of Maths. Barney delivered workshops for Years 1- 6, engaging the children with a range of practical maths activities. He used innovative ways to show the children how number, shape, pattern and measurement can be relevant, fun and exciting. His enthusiasm rubbed off, with many of the children (and teachers) talking about maths at lunchtime!

The upper school were also treated to a special assembly on Thursday, led by two of our Year 4 pupils; Oliver Palin and Parker Nash. We are giving pupils the opportunity to talk to their peers, on a subject of interest to them, and share their knowledge. Ollie and Parker’s subject was ‘Dinosaurs and Fossils’. These two set a fantastic example, showing how it should be done. They spoke with confidence, projected their voices and remembered the most enormous amount of complicated vocabulary!

On Monday next week, we have our individual class photos and hopefully a whole school photo if the weather is good. Please make sure that your child/children come to school prepared, with smart uniform and tidy hair. These pictures are often treasured mementoes and make great extra Christmas presents for other relatives.

On the subject of uniform: Please name ALL of your child’s uniform, (including swimwear) preferably with a stick on, iron on or sewn on label, the written ones fade after a few washes. We do have a lost property box in the cloakroom, but it is so much easier to return items if they are clearly named.