Spring Term 1 12.01.18

  • 26th January 2018

It is so lovely to return to school after the Christmas holidays and find out what everyone has been up to over the festive season. I hope that you all had a wonderful time!

This week we got straight back in to the routine, with new clubs and activities. Year 3 and 4 went on the first school trip of the year to Scaplen’s Court. They learnt about life in Tudor times; how to make bread, chop up vegetables and dance. The workshop leaders at the museum did an excellent job engaging the children with their acting and storytelling.

There are now more activities running in school than ever before; Dance club, Sports Club, Active fit clubs, Chess club, Song writing club, Science club and Choir. The children have been so keen to get involved in school life, taking on responsibilities and learning to work with children in other classes. There will also be a rugby training sessions and other sports activities run by some of the Year 6 boys starting next week, as we have booked more sporting events in our calendar.

This year we will be participating in Sports Relief and keeping children healthy. Please make sure that the packed lunches you send in to school do not contain high fat, sugar or salt content. Our school rule is to have no crisps, chocolate or nuts. There are some healthy ideas on the back of the newsletter.

Please visit our website for information on Term Dates and events. There are also regular posts on the school Facebook page.