Summer Term Week 1 28.04.17

  • 28th April 2017

Welcome to the Summer Term! It is great to see the children well rested and raring to go for an action-packed time.

They were all super in the Dance and Talent Show at the end of last term. A DVD is available to buy. They have been on sale before and after school, but you are welcome to send in £5 in an envelope and we will send the DVD home with your child.

On the Monday before we came back to school Phoebe Driscoll and Ramone Duckett represented St Martin’s in the British Independent Schools Ski Racing competition. They did incredibly well for their categories. Phoebe came 3rd in the girls under 10’s and Ramone came 7th for the boys! There were 180 entrants in total and 50 in their age group. A fantastic result!

We also had success at the Bournemouth in Bloom Horticultural Society Spring Show. Our daffodils came 1st place in their category and our tulips came 2nd and 3rd in theirs! Well done to all of the children who planted, watered and cared for our prize-winning plants. The mayor was so impressed we also received a Novices’ Award for Merit in Horticulture! Feeling inspired by our achievements, we have been doing a lot of gardening this week. Lots of lovely vegetables have been planted and we are hoping for the perfect weather conditions to help them to grow. Thank you to everyone who has donated pots, plants and tools.

This week is the final week for all things Pokemon being allowed at school. They were good for keeping the children occupied in the colder weather, but now it is warmer (!) we are encouraging them to be more active at lunch and play times.

Have a great bank holiday weekend. If any of you are out at the beach, we are now collecting shells (all kinds) to add to our mural. Also please remember to get in those last minute Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers as they stop giving them out on May 2nd.