Summer Term Week 8 23.06.17

  • 3rd July 2017

Thank you for your support with the Summer Fayre last Saturday. The weather was perfect and the SMART team did a great job. They managed to raise £1004.55 for the school. Their latest purchases, 2 small picnic benches with sand tables, 2 large picnic benches and a wonderful Pirate Ship have been greatly appreciated by the children and staff! During the hot weather the teachers have enjoyed being able to take the children outside for lessons and have places to work.

We have been getting out and about again this week. The Year 4 class enjoyed a trip to Rock Reef on the pier. Some of the children were apprehensive at first, but challenged themselves to reach new heights!

Yesterday, Reception and Year 1 went to the Priest’s House Museum where they learnt about life in Victorian times. The Year 1’s were able to have a look at some of the toys and games they have been studying in Topic work.
This term we have been running a Monday Sports club 3:30pm – 4:30pm, and a Tuesday and Wednesday Active Fit club 8:00am – 8:30am with Foundation Sports. They would like to know if anyone would be interested in more clubs, particularly the morning sessions. Please let me know by email, letter or at the door if it is something you would be interested in and which days.

On Sunday 25th June, we have been invited to an event, ‘Carnival by the Sea’. It’s a Community Sea Conservation Parade which starts at Boscombe Pier 4pm-6pm. In their art lessons the children have been making Sea Themed puppets and masks to join the parade. Please meet Mrs Cooper at the pier at 3:45pm if you would like your child to be in/watch the parade. They will be provided with something to carry. It is nice community event, but there is no obligation to come along.

Our Whole School Gala is coming together very well. We would like some large beach inflatables e.g. ice creams, dolphins, sharks etc. for props. If you have any at home we could borrow please bring them in next week. They will be well looked after!

Finally, please return any Cups or Trophies awarded at last year’s Prize Giving. We are still missing a few and need them back to be awarded again this year. Also, if anyone has any Pupil of the Week Badges or Gym Stars at home, please bring them in.