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We are a happy, family-owned independent preparatory school for boys and girls aged 4–11 years. We understand that one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent is choosing the right school for your child. Come and join us on a journey through St Martin’s and discover your child’s path to maturity and academic success.

Please contact us for a private tour: 01202 292011 or admin@stmartinsschool.net

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Happy children learn well and the caring, family environment of St Martin’s is the key to our success. The structure and character of the school enhance individual confidence and self-respect. It encourages pupils to develop lively, inquiring minds and to form lasting friendships.

Our School motto is ‘Thorough’ – a principle that underpins all we do.

Our Values
Our Values

Commitment, Good manners, Respect and Compassion for others. At St Martin's we teach our pupils the virtues of commitment and hard work both in and outside the classroom.

The school's curriculum encourages a positive desire for knowledge and a love of learning. A broad educational programme is offered which exceeds the demands of the National Curriculum.
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