Our Values

Traditional Values

Commitment, Good manners, Respect and Compassion for others.

At St Martin’s we teach our pupils the virtues of commitment and hard work both in and outside the classroom. Great emphasis is places on good manners, respect and compassion for others, all within a Christian ethos. Exemplary behaviour and positive attitudes are encouraged and rewarded

Our Ethos

Small class sizes lie at the core of the St Martin’s philosophy, helping teachers to celebrate the uniqueness of each child and to spend more one-to-one time with them.

Every effort is made to ensure that our children grow up in a friendly and supportive environment, where personal attention and achievement are foremost. The atmosphere is disciplined and purposeful, yet relaxed and lively. The relationship between staff and pupils is warm and respectful.

Preparing for the Future

St Martin’s is the perfect environment to establish foundations that will equip your child for the demands of senior school.

Our teaching is suited to help children with all the challenges of the technological world. The curriculum is innovative and creative, and covers all aspects of digital technology in a fun and practical way.